What Is the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is the practice that your thoughts have the potential to create concrete results or changes […]


Attraction Mantra Secrets

Attraction for Better Health

Using the Law of Attraction for Stress Relief

There’s no secret to the negative impact that stress can have on a person’s life. You want to eliminate stress immediately. Not only is stress bad for your health, but stress can lead to all sorts of negative thoughts, which in turn will attract the negativity back into your life. So you’ll want to take immediate steps to get rid of the stress in your life. You might be thinking that you’re stuck in an awful job with the world’s greatest boss and that there’s no way […]

Law of Attraction for Weight Loss

What you think becomes reality. If you think that you’re fat, then you are. If you believe that you will never lose weight, then you won’t. Your thoughts will bring to you the exact vibration from the universe that you give you. If you send out thoughts of not being able to succeed in losing weight, then you won’t overcome that until you change your thoughts. Check out the people who have been wildly successful in weight loss even to the point of losing hundreds of pounds. […]

Law of Attraction Planner

Application of Attraction in Life

How the Law of Attraction Can Change Your Life

Have you ever thought that some people seem to have really great lives and others don’t – despite working really hard to have everything they want? For so many people, life has become a cycle of acceptance – accepting that this is their life and that this is as good as it gets. Maybe you’re stuck in a routine life that you never figured would be yours. You’re the one getting up, going to work, maybe hitting the gym afterwards, waiting for the weekend to relax with […]

Allowing the Law of Attraction to Evolve With Your Life

What happens when you use the Law of Attraction to reach your goals? Or what happens when you set a goal (say you wanted a particular college degree) but then changed your mind? What happens then? Is that it? You’re done with the Law of Attraction? No, the Law of Attraction remains in place even when you’ve achieved what you’ve visualized. What you need to do once you reach what you’ve visualized is to set a new goal, see a new visualization. You want to do this […]